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Don Lapre

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This guy seems to have fallen off the radar screen and probably for good reason.

Don Lapre was yet another in a line of infamous “infomercial guys” from the 1990’s pushing a “Making Money” course designed to show you how to quickly become rich – like them. This was his front-end mechanism selling for $39.95.  Has anyone heard of this “schtick” before???

The infomercials starts with the old rags to riches scenario leading into his secret to success. His success was made by simply placing “tiny classified ads in newspapers.” He would pitch this idea in a high-pitched voice – an awkward attempt to project forced enthusiasm.

He would continue with 900 numbers and how his service bureau could set up 900 numbers “to make you rich!!” He went on about how anyone could advertise them to get wealthy, and that it was very easy to succeed, as long as they paid hundreds of dollars for it….and the bad part was that everybody was issued the identical 900 number of somebody else, with only an extension distinguishing their 900 number from other customers. Pretty cheesy! Some people seem to have no shame. Enough already!! Weren’t 900 number associated with sleaze? Who would want any part of it?

His routine became such as cliché that David Spade did a spoof on him, impersonating his already over-the-top camera personality on Saturday Night Live. Clearly, Don Lapre was not cast is a positive light and SNL’s reason for doing it was obvious, and it wasn’t because they believed in Lapre as legitimate businessman either. An obvious case of imitation not being the best form of flattery.

Is it any surprise that Lapre ‘s eventually filed for bankruptcy after his operation was run out of Arizona, where he ran into may legal troubles, including violating the state’s Consumer Fraud act.

He certainly lasted long enough to get noticed and if you were one of the people that fell victim to Don Lapre ‘s marketing practices…. chalk it up to a lesson learned from the School of Hard Knocks.

Triple F-

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