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Intellibiz Real Estate Course

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A Worthwhile Real Estate Course

In general, it is not easy to find a good real estate course that is not an over priced scam. I am very happy to report that Bill Vaughn ‘s IntelliBiz course may just be the exception.

They actually offer a lot for very little and because of the contact with their students through the lifetime mentoring program that they offer they are able to document the performance of their course and in some cases even certify the earnings of their pupils . . . . . and, they have been doing this consistently since 1989 without having received any complaints. Believe me, there are not many companies providing good reliable real estate courses with this kind of credibility without complaints out there!

At the center of this company is veteran real estate investor Bill Vaughn who has earned a clean reputation in his business practices. His course offers something for the novice and seasoned real estate pro alike through his trademarked course; “The Simple Man’s Guide to Real Estate®.” Having authored over 30 books and being the father of modern day “Flipping,” Bill Vaughn knows something about the subject of Real Estate. But, there is a unique twist to this guy, Bill Vaughn started IntelliBiz as a Christian non-profit. He offers exactly what he says he is going to offer, at a very, very modest fee; in a field that invariably offers insanely over priced courses for the value that they actually present.

If Real Estate is your “thing,” you could definitely do a lot worse than IntelliBiz!

This course offers a lot:

  • The security blanket of lifetime 24/7 mentoring with a professional investor – for life
  • This course covers every type of property – residential, multi’s, commercial, industrial and raw land.
  • The course also details all 22 methods of real estate investing, including tax liens, short sales, flipping, foreclosures, double escrows, notes, options, lease options, land contracts, triple-net lease, and many, many more.
  • Their patented Contract Writer software
  • 20 Additional books 600+ pages of real estate related bonus books
  • Free course and software updates for life
  • Free Access to All Tax Lien & Foreclosure Listings
  • Seller’s Guide – an investor has to sell too in order to make money
  • And, they guarantee a minimum $100,000 income per year likely based on past performances!
  • All this for $199.

Of those who actually put this program to the test, the success rate hovers around a documented 78-82%.

How many reviews have you read of people being ripped off from their get-rich-quick real estate course? Well, this will likely not be one of them!

The course contributes two main ingredients towards a person’s success, apart from the students own efforts.

1) Strategies and methods that are presented complete and in detail and,

2) A good, qualified experienced mentor who is an also investor – not a $10/hour lackey working from a cubical, to help you to determine if a deal is worthwhile, how to negotiate it, set it up, make out the contracts – walk you through the transaction, step-by-step if needed.

What is there not to like?

It is very easy to give this course a thumbs up.

A Double A+

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